PhoneSnoop, a malware application to hear the private conversation someone from the BlackBerry device has become a threat to users Blacberry.
This application can change the setting calls from the headset into the speakerphone speaker automatically.
To be able to do something like this the application must first be installed on the victim’s Blackberry devices, without the consent of the victim.
To anticipate BlackBerry users are suggested to pay attention since the early software security with a locking device when not in use or by not giving handset to another person.
However, if the application has been installed on your handset the best way is to remove the software with the following steps:
1. Click Menu -> Options -> Advanced Options -> Applications,
2. Find an application called PhoneSnoop then click on Menu -> Delete

By doing way above the application will be deleted by itself, but if you are prompted to reboot or restart the handset to do it immediately.
It is necessary to remove all such files PhoneSnoop cookies in your BlackBerry handset system.