Blackberry Page.

At the moment we want to place (install) an application to the BB, either through offline DM or OTA (over the air), we’ll catch a glimpse of the files with the suffix (extension) is
# ? *. cod
Is the core of the program files / applications that will be ‘install’ to our BB.
This file is a combination of several files in the ‘zip’ / compressed into one file.
Then file ² *. alx and *. jad, is a script file type of installation, required by the application installation. Is the ‘offline’ or OTA.

#? *. jad
The installation is a direct way via OTA.

#? *. alx
This file is used if we are to ‘install’ applications through the DM. We need to first copy this file to your PC, then ‘install’.
So, to be understood, any application that we ‘install’. So the files that play is, as follows. :

1. + *. cod *. jad -> install via OTA.
2. *. *. alx + cod -> install via DM.

*. Jad files can be installed offline as well. By way JAD and COD files in a folder copied on?,Then we ‘execute’ / ‘run’ file