You are walking along, sweeping back and forth, area after area, searching. You are continuing searching when suddenly a sound begins to click, faster and faster. Is it a Geiger counter? No, it is your bug detector. That is right. If you suspect that someone is listening in on your private conversations, strategic development meetings, covert operations, or whatever your reason for secrecy might be, you can stop it instantly and for good with bug detectors.

These handy devices promise you peace of mind and are capable of detecting, locating, and verifying hidden transmitters regardless of where they might be. These work not just in your office or home, or only on your telephone, but even in or on your car.

You may be asking yourself what the difference is between detecting and verifying a hidden transmitter. Obviously, if you detect and locate a bug, you are verifying that you are being bugged, right? Well, verifying in this instance means something else entirely. Let us say that you are sweeping for bugs and the bug detectors you are using begin to squeal or vibrate, telling you that a bug is present. There is a possibility that what it is picking up is not a bug but an ordinary television or radio transmission.

You could drive yourself nuts trying to find a non-existent bug you believe is planted somewhere on your television or radio. But since you are also able to verify with your bug detectors, you will then know that it is not a bug but just a regular, non-threatening transmission.